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No One Is Hiring Editors

If you only know how to edit your going to have a tough time getting constant work.


Around 2008, when the big recession hit, I started to notice that companies were asking more from their editors.  To save money, employers began rolling numerous jobs (graphics, sound, color) into one editing position.  There’s no such thing as “just an editor” – you should be well versed in all the aspects “post-production”.

I hear a lot from students on “what makes an editor stand out”.  I believe that you’ll be better off landing a job if you know more about the tools that are available to you.   If you can walk into a job interview with experience in graphics and color correction, you will have better odds of getting that editing job.  Employee’s who save their employer’s money are the most valuable.

Now more than ever, the Internet has become a treasure trove of incredible resources.   When I began editing in the late nineties, I had to reference books!  Oh, the humanity!   Now, if you have a question, the answers is available in seconds with the click of a mouse.

Some amazing sites I use:

In Los Angeles, there are numerous clubs that offer guidance in a number of skills such as editing and graphic design. I really like LAFCPUG and DMLA.   Also, take a look at and start your own if you can’t make it to the big city.

Build your skill levels and walk into that job interview confident.  Prepare a demo reel and keep it updated.  Create a brand for your image and market yourself as the new generation of #Editors.

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