Editing The “Divergent” Featurette

September 16, 2013

Editing The “Divergent” Featurette

I was tasked to edit this featurette for the film “Divergent” by a company I worked for called Mob Scene.

When editing a featurette like this, it’s important to build  strong framework first.  I string out all the sound bites and try to create the “message” that the producers want.  Once the soundbites are in place it’s time to work on say-and-see.  Basically, when a sound bite mentions “training” for instance, show a shot of training.   Not just any shot, I sift through hours and try to pick the best ones.  If time permits, I will string out the best B-roll on multiple sequences.   I try to be creative with how I show B-roll.  Do I mess with speed?  Do I reverse shots and then ramp forward?  Do I dip to black for dramatic appeal?

Next, it’s time to hunt down music.   I usually spend around 5-6 hours looking for the perfect track.  My music shapes and contributes to the pace of my cut.  It’s so important to find the right cue and it must relate to the film you are cutting.

After music is in the can its time to work on sound design.   Notice the stutter sound effect at the end of the piece leading into the main title.  Things like risers, whooshes, hits and cymbal rolls contribute heavily to the dramatic effect of your piece.

Unfortunately, I was not the finishing editor on this piece, but the majority of the cut is intact.  Keep the message strong and make them [producers] feel the piece through the combination of sound, music and picture.