Do I love FCPX?

January 14, 2015
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January 14, 2015 admin

Do I love FCPX?

I use Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and Avid.   This year I made the leap to FCPX.


I’m so tired of the bickering about which platform is better.   No one has a perfect child.  When jumping onto FCPX for the first time around the track, here’s what I discovered.

Not just in performance but pulling b-roll and sound bites.   Using the scroll function, I was able to quickly mark the in/out and drop it into my sequence with lightning speed.

I love the import function because it allows me to preview media before bringing it into the project. Fantastic time saver!

No more worrying about upper/lower fields, frame size, fps…Everything has been simplified and I love that.

Deleting Preferences:
Once in a while you have to a little “clean house”.  I love that I’m able to delete preferences with one click of the mouse.

What an incredible upgrade on the effects pallet!  Not only do I get new effects, but I can easily preview them before adding it to my timeline.

No more worrying about the last time I saved when the system goes down.  It constantly saves my work for me.

Do I LOVE FCPX over other platforms? NO.

Do I LOVE FCPX features over other platforms? YES.

If you’re about to dabble in FCPX, I highly recommend it.  Don’t stick to one type of editing software – learn them all!


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