Editing the “Sia Lyric Music Video”


As lead Editor, this was one of the most rewarding and creative projects I have ever worked on.


#SonyPictures tasked me with the job of creating a “Lyric Music Video” for the song Opportunity sung by #Sia.  The direction I received was ‘make it fun and colorful’.   I had two amazing graphic artist at my disposal and only weeks to finish the project.

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No One Is Hiring Editors

If you only know how to edit your going to have a tough time getting constant work.


Around 2008, when the big recession hit, I started to notice that companies were asking more from their editors.  To save money, employers began rolling numerous jobs (graphics, sound, color) into one editing position.  There’s no such thing as “just an editor” – you should be well versed in all the aspects “post-production”.

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